TURKEY: Syriac people celebrate Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in villages of Tur Abdin 

TUR ABDIN, ANTAKYA, Turkey — On 15th August, the Syriac village of Hah in Tur Abdin, Turkey celebrated the feast of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The feast prayer was held by Fathers Gabriel Aktas and Abdulahad Dagh, who came from Sweden to participate in the event.

After the prayer, deacons of the church chanted hymns, and many speeches were delivered about this occasion.

In comments to Suroyo TV, Mayor of Hah village Habib Dogan stated that more than 400 people, including men, women, children and the elderly, attended the celebration. They came from the diaspora and neighboring villages.

Dogan added that the residents of the village prepared food and places to sleep for visitors during their stay.

The Syriac village of Arbo in Tur Abdin held an event on our Lady feast. It started with a Holy Liturgy in the Arbo church, in addition to hymns about this occasion.

In the evening, an event was held with the participation of the Syriac artists Fehmi Baghandi and Ishaq Yaqoub, who came from Europe to sing Syriac songs on this occasion.

More than 500 people attended this event, some of whom came from neighboring villages and diaspora.

Another event on this feast was held in Antakya in Turkey. Many Syriac people gathered in the church to celebrate this feast.

The event began with a Divine Liturgy in the Church of Mor jirjis. Believers in the Church of Virgin Mary also participated in the church yard.

Hundreds of people attended this celebration which included Syriac, Arabic and Turkish songs. The attendees came from the Turkish cities of Antakya, Mersin, Istanbul and the diaspora.