Leader of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea: We want a sovereign and reformist president for Lebanon

BEIRUT — Leader of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea called on the sovereign, opposition and reformist Lebanese MPs to exert greater efforts in terms of choosing a new president for Lebanon.

“The Lebanese Forces Party wants a president that confronts the policies of Hezbollah and head of the Free Patriotic Movement Gibran Bassil, with the aim of saving Lebanon,” said Geagea. “We want a sovereign and reformist president.”

He added that the solution lies in choosing a new president, which is a great responsibility that falls on the opposition, because it participated in the parliamentary elections and promised to save Lebanon.

Geagea declared that the meetings held in Parliament between the sovereign MPs are positive.

“We hope that a new name will be nominated, away from all the previous presidents of Lebanon,” he added, indicating that negotiations with them were difficult because of their ideologies.

Criticizing the Hezbollah Militia, Geagea stressed that Lebanon has become the most known place for smuggling Captagon.

“Should the Christians agree among themselves, like a clan, while the Muslims are another clan? Of course not, the problem is much deeper than that,” Geagea