Syrian Federation for Human Rights Organization and Bodies condemns the Turkish attacks; Human Rights Watch warns against any new Turkish operation in northern Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA— In a statement, the Syrian Federation for Human Rights Organization and Bodies demanded an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Turkish forces from all Syrian territory.

“We condemn the continuous barbaric Turkish attacks on people in Kobani (Ain al-Arab), Zarkan (Abu Rasayn), Tel Tamr, Tel Abyad, Darbasiyah, Qabre Hewore (Qahtaniyah), Mabbug (Manbij), Cafrin (Afrin), Tel Rifaat and Amuda,” read the statement.

The Syrian Federation of Human Rights Organization and Bodies condemned the ongoing Turkish attacks on Syrian territory, the last of which was on 16th August.

The Turkish forces use various types of air and heavy weapons, including cannons, machine guns, missiles and drones, along the Syrian-Turkish border.

In related news, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a question-and-answer-document that focuses on Turkey’s threatened military incursion to parts of northern Syria.

The HRW warned of the repercussions of any new Turkish military operation in northern Syria.

The HRW expressed its concerns about any unlawful attacks, worsening the already devastating humanitarian situation and the re-emergence of the Islamic State (ISIS).

“All parties to the conflict in northern Syria should minimize harm to civilians during ongoing and future military operations there,” the HRW declared.

The HRW also warned of the repercussions of any Turkish military action on thousands of foreigners from ISIS families in the camps of North and East Syria. It will also lead the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the security authorities to focus on fighting the Turkish-backed forces, which increases the risks of direct impact on transferring foreigners to their countries.