European Syriac Union organizes demonstration in front of Turkish Embassy in Switzerland

ZURICH, Switzerland — In protest against the recent military attacks by Turkey on the people of North and East Syria, the European Syriac Union (ESU) organized a demonstration in front of the Turkish Embassy in Zurich, Switzerland.

In addition to chanting slogans and denunciations of the attacks, the protesters made speeches in the name of ESU. Lucas Sagur gave a speech in German in which he spoke about the barbaric attacks that Turkey is carrying out against the peoples and demanded that the international powers do their duty to stop the crimes Turkey is committing against civilians in North and East Syria.

On behalf of the Beth Nahrin Women’s Union (HNB), Ever Gabriel delivered a speech in which she condemned the crimes of the Turkish occupation, especially against civilians, women, and children.

On behalf of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a speech was delivered about the necessity of the brotherhood of peoples in confronting such attacks, indicating that Turkey’s goal is to occupy new areas in northern Syria and displace the indigenous people.