TURKEY: Village hall opens in Syriac village of Sidari in Tur Abdin

MIDYAT, Turkey — The people of Sidari village on Tur Izlo (Mount Izla) in the historic region of Tur Abdin in southeastern Turkey, announced the opening ceremony of the village hall, which is scheduled to be held on 28 August. The ceremony will be headed by Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Tur Abdin Mar Timotheos Shmuel Aktas.

Under the auspices of the Sidari Village Club in Tur Abdin, the villagers completed the construction of their hall dedicated to social and religious activities.

The Sidari Village Hall will be used by the people of the village to hold wedding parties, mourning boards, feast ceremonies, and religious memorabilia.

In an exclusive statement to Suroyo TV, the head of the Sidari Village Club, Michael Akbaba, said, “The villagers invite all our people in the Tur Abdin area to participate in the opening ceremony of the hall and to share the joy of the village people with the great efforts they made to build this hall.”

After the opening ceremonies are completed, a lunch will be served to all the participants in the presence of Archbishop Shmuel Aktas.