First Bira Festival for Vineyards and Agricultural Products held in Ankawa, Iraq

ANKAWA, Iraq — On Monday, to support the production of regional agricultural products, Ankawa District organized the first Bira Festival for Vineyards and Agricultural Products.

The three-day festival began with visitors touring a local farm guided by young farmer Selwan Sardar Saka, who gave an explanation about the various fruit trees planted on the 20-dunum farm.

The farm includes pomegranate, apricot, fig, and apple trees, as well as grape vines over an area ​​15 dunum.

Several varieties of grapes, raisins, and honey were also displayed. All of these products are organic and produced by the local people of the town.

The event was attended by Mayor of Ankawa Rami Nuri Siyawesh, a number of priests, representatives of political and social Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian organizations, government officials, and a large group of Ankawa residents.