LEBANON: Huda Lahoud appointed general coordinator of Universal Syriac Union Party’s Women’s Council

BEIRUT — Ibrahim Mrad, President of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), appointed Huda Lahoud, a member of the party’s political bureau, as General Coordinator of the USUP’s Women’s Council.

According to a party statement, this appointment comes after groups and figures from many Christian sects joined the party, believing in the party’s effective role in defending the free Christian presence in Lebanon and the East, without discrimination or discrimination.

The statement added that Lahoud is the daughter of the town of “Kafr Ness Al-Shoufieh”, and holds a degree in informatics from Al-Hikma University. She is active in Lions Club International and a former candidate for the municipality of Kafr Ness, Al-Shoufieh in Mount Lebanon.

During the appointment ceremony, Mrad called for serious and effective efforts to restore the spirit of struggle and resistance in the women of Syriac and  Christian society, stressing that there is no prosperous, advanced, and resistant society without an active and equal woman playing her fundamental and sacred role in society at all levels.

USUP Deputy President Leila Latti intimated the party’s confidence in Lahoud. Lahoud thanked Mrad, Latti, and the Political Bureau and pledged to raise the status of women in the service of Syriac and Lebanese society.