Political parties of North and East Syria reject any agreement between Syria and Turkey

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Political parties of North and East Syria, including the Syriac Union Party (SUP), issued a joint statement condemning any agreement between the Turkish government and Syrian regime amidst continued Turkish attacks on the region.

The statement, issued by 33 political parties, was read by SUP Co-Chair Sanharib Barsoum during a press conference in the presence of members of the media.

Barsoum mentioned the popular stances that reject any reconciliation between Syrian and Turkish governments at the expense of the Syrian people.

He explained that the political parties and forces that signed the statement strongly condemn any acceptance of Turkey’s agenda as it does not act in the interest of the Syrian people.

The parties demand the Syrian regime to respond to the demands of the Syrian people rather than make deals with external powers.

The statement also condemned the continuous Turkish attacks on the regions of North and East Syria and called on the U.S.-led International Coalition to stop the Turkish violations, which contribute to the reemergence of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Barsoum indicated that the people of the region stand behind the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA), whether it is engaged in dialogue with other democratic forces or the Syrian regime, and that the people support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in confronting any danger that threatens the region.

“The Syrian regime should take a serious stance to expel the Turkish forces and stand in the face of Turkish aggression in coordination with the SDF,” Barsoum added.

The Lawyers Union of Raqqa also issued a statement in which it condemned the continued Turkish attacks on northern Syria that target infrastructure, civilians, and schools.

It stated that Turkey is committing war crimes against the Syrian people and that these violations must be documented and the perpetrators punished.

The following political parties and groups signed the joint statement:

  1. Syriac Union Party
  2. Assyrian Democratic Party
  3. Syria Future Party
  4. Democratic Union Party
  5. Green Democratic Party
  6. Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party
  7. Kurdistan Liberal Union
  8. Kurdistan Communist Party
  9. Kurdistan Democratic Party — Syria
  10. Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party
  11. Kurdish Left Party in Syria
  12. Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria
  13. Kurdistan National Assembly
  14. Kurdistan Democratic Change Party
  15. Kurdistan Renewal Movement
  16. Kurdistan Workers’ Union
  17. The Arab National Authority
  18. Modernity and Democracy Party for Syria
  19. Kurdistan Republican Party
  20. Syrian Kurdish Democratic Accord Party
  21. Islah Movement — Syria
  22. Kurdistan Fraternity Party
  23. Roj Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria
  24. Free Patriotic Union – Rojava
  25. Movement for a Democratic Society
  26. Kongra Star
  27. Conservative Party
  28. Democratic Struggle Party
  29. Kurdistan Future Movement
  30. Kurdistan Democratic Party — West Kurdistan
  31. National Coordination Body — Democratic Al-Tigber Movement
  32. Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria (Al-Party)
  33. Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti).