Community Peacemakers Team report reveals outcomes of Turkish occupation in northern Iraq

ANKAWA, Iraq — Community Peacemaker Teams (CPT), formerly Christian Peacemaker Teams, an international organization set up to support teams of peace workers in conflict areas around the world, released its latest report on the outcome of the attacks of the Turkish occupation in northern Iraq over a period of seven years.

During the period of its occupation of northern Iraq, Turkey has committed several crimes against the civilian populations of those areas. In its report, CPT stated that Turkish forces had launched more than four thousand ground attacks since 2015, resulting in the deaths of 123 civilians in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI).

CPT highlighted the recent Turkish artillery attack on a holiday resort in the village of Barkh in Zakho, located near the Turkey–Iraq–Syria border, in late July that killed nine civilians and wounded 24 others.

The report noted that, in the year 2021 alone, 1,600 attacks were recorded. These attacks destabilize the region and have negatively impacted the lives of the people in the region, it added.

According to the report, more than 55 civilians have been killed or injured while working in agriculture or herding sheep.

Of the civilians killed, 13 percent were women and 87 percent were men. At least 6 percent were children. CPT reported that some 500 villages are threatened with eviction.

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