Israeli strike in western Syria targets an ammunition depot containing hundreds of missiles

DARAMSUQ — On Sunday, Israeli air raids in western Syria targeted an arms depot containing hundreds of medium-range missiles of Iranian-backed militants.

On Thursday, Israeli strikes targeted sites in the vicinity of the cities of Hemto (Hama) and Tartus.

At that time, SANA, the Syrian official news agency, quoted a source as saying that, “the air defenses shot down most of the Israeli missiles,” and according to the same source, “two civilians” were injured as a result of the strikes, speaking of “material losses and fires” in some targeted places. The statements of the SANA source could not be verified.

Activists said at the time the strike targeted a weapons depot and a scientific research center near the town of Masyaf, about halfway between the coastal city of Tartus and the city of Hemto.

The bombings were among the largest conducted by Israel in Syria. They come as Russia pulls more of its air defense assets to be used in its invasion of Ukraine.