Abnaa al-Nahrain Party receives delegation from Kurdistan Islamic Union

ERBIL, Iraq — On Tuesday, a delegation from the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) visited the Erbil office of the Abnaa al-Nahrain Party.

Mrs. Kalita Shaba, Deputy Head of Abnaa al-Nahrain, and a number of members of the leadership and the Erbil office received the delegation from the Political Council of the Kurdistan Islamic Union.

They discussed the current political situation in Iraq in the wake of the unrest in the south of the country and in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Dr. Haoudiani of the KIU affirmed the Union’s support for the rights and issues of the country’s ethnic and religious minorities, including the amendment of the quota law for the parliamentary elections to ensure real minority representation in the legislative authority.

Mrs. Shaba emphasized Abnaa al-Nahrain’s approach to strengthening its relations with the various parties operating in Iraq and the KRI that share its focus on the public interest and promoting the concepts of democracy.

The KIU delegation indicated that this visit falls within the party’s endeavors to meet with parties and organizations of the various components of the region and to strengthen and consolidate bilateral relations.