Electronic advocacy campaign launched to protect religious and national pluralism in Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Several local and regional humanitarian institutions and organizations, including Syriac Cross Organization for Relief and Development, launched an online advocacy campaign with the aim of protecting religious and national pluralism in Syria and stressed several demands that would guarantee pluralistic freedom in society.

The humanitarian organizations said in their campaign that to achieve prosperity, the ruling authority, including the international community, bears the full political and moral responsibility to work towards a safe environment away from the military conflict and push for political dialogue.

The signatory organizations advocated for the development of a constitutional framework that allows freedom of expression of religious and national diversity in society and seek to promote the integration of religious and national minorities by removing the political injustice practiced against them, granting the members of these minorities full political and economic rights and compensating them for damage caused by previous repressive policies.

They also called for the recognition of diversity as a natural fact of existence. The “other” should be treated as a human being without regard to his color, religion, nationality or language, said the appeal. The strengthening of cooperation between the many components of society and the rejection of voices that call for hatred are key to ensuring lasting peace and security.