Schedule announced for Second Annual Mardutho Festival in North and East Syria

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — As the Second Annual Mardutho Festival draws near, the Syriac Cultural Association in North and East Syria announced the schedule of events. The festival will start on Saturday in Hasakah, with the second and third days held in Al-Salam Hall in Zalin (Qamishli).

The first day of the festival will include a speech of the Syriac Cultural Association, followed by musical performances by the choir of Dar Abdul Masih Qarabashi and artist Maria Qas Hanna. Folkloric troupes Athra, Inana, and Barmaya will then present dance performances. After that, the Scouts Troupe of the Syriac Cultural Association will perform, followed by poetry by Syriac poet Michel Philo.

The second day will include performances by the Scouts, presentations by the Elias Hanna and Tuma Nahroyo choirs, a musical performance by Haroution Madragian, and a folkloric performance by the Inana Troupe. Then, a presentation about Syriac traditional games will be shown, and poems of the late Syriac poet and writer Hanna Hanna will be read.

The final day will include a performance by Dar Naum Faiq’s choir, and songs by Samer Hanna, Mirna Shamoun, Milad Sawme, and Smedra Hanna, in addition to a folkloric performance by the Yurthutha and Barmaya troupes. The day will conclude with a musical performance by the Scout Troupe.