New political alliance formed in Iraq between moderate parties

BAGHDAD — On Tuesday, in the wake of the political violence that swept Iraqi streets in recent weeks, six Iraqi political parties announced an alliance to confront the Islamic parties in the country.

The Iraqi Position Alliance, consisting of six parties with a moderate political orientation, called on the Iraqi Parliament to dissolve itself in accordance with the constitution and for new elections to be held.

The Alliance was formed from the Kafa Movement, Iraqi Ummah Party, Wathiq Movement, United Iraqi Democratic Council, Faili Front, and the National Awareness Movement. It has called on all independent national forces to organize their ranks, coordinate their positions, and form a united front in the face of traditional forces.

The Alliance put forward a road map consisting of several items to resolve the current political impasse in Iraq. A transitional government should be formed of competent, independent officials not associated with the parties in conflict and last no more than one year, proposed the Alliance.

The presented road map calls on the Iraqi judiciary to adjudicate pending cases, especially the files of those responsible for killing demonstrators and public corruption.

The Alliance also demanded, according to the statement, banning armed parties from participating in the upcoming elections, in addition to its demand for the formation of a team of competent legal and constitutional jurists, the Bar Association, civil society organizations and others to undertake the task of amending the effective constitution and presenting the results to the general popular referendum in the upcoming elections.