US and Syrian Democratic Forces conduct live-fire military maneuvers near Syria–Iraq–Turkey border triangle

DAYRIK, Syria — The US-led International Coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) carried out joint military maneuvers with live ammunition in the countryside of Dayrik (Derik, Al-Malikiyah), North and East Syria, near the Syria–Iraq–Turkey border triangle. The exercises included heavy and medium weapons and maneuvers by Bradley Fighting Vehicles.

Dozens of American soldiers and military leaders from the International Coalition Operations Room participated in the military maneuvers. They supervised the training of SDF fighters on the use of artillery, mortars, and guided missiles, in conjunction with the flight of warplanes and helicopters of the International Coalition at low altitude.

“This is the first time that joint maneuvers have taken place inside the Dayrik area,” said Shibli Shibli, an SDF commander. He added that the objectives of these maneuvers and military exercises are, “to strengthen coordination and joint action against [the Islamic State] and its sleeper cells.”

A US Army officer, “Captain David”, involved in the exercise said that they are discussing with the SDF about how to coordinate their operations against ISIS cells in the region.

He explained that the maneuvers come within the framework of the joint work of the Coalition forces and the SDF, stressing that, “they continue to cooperate with their partners in the SDF to achieve the final defeat of the organization.”

These exercises come at a time when the SDF and the Internal Security Forces are continuing combing operations and a wide security campaign to track down and prosecute ISIS-affiliated cells in Al-Hol Refugee Camp, which has entered its 14th day.