More than 200 IDPs returned to Nineveh Governorate in Iraq

NINEVEH PLAINS, Iraq — The Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement announced the return of 276 internally displaced people (IDPs) from the last camp in Nineveh Governorate to their original areas of residence in Mosul, Hatra, Qayyarah, Baaj, Shigur (Shengal, Sinjar), Makhmour, Shirqat, and Baiji.

Earlier, the Iraqi government formed a committee with the aim of returning the displaced people who live in camps of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) to their homes.

In the KRI, there are 26 camps for displaced people. The camps host more than 36,000 families from central and southern Iraq, most of whom were displaced during the Islamic State (ISIS) attack in 2014 and have until recently been unable to return to their homes.