General Directorate of Syriac Study decides to give great importance to the Syriac language

BAGHDAD — Director-General of the General Directorate of Syriac Study in Iraq Imad Jajo held a meeting at the directorate’s headquarters to discuss and define work priorities.

The meeting was attended by Assistant Director-General Ann Andreas, Director of the Supervision and Training Affairs Department Florence Behnam, and a number of officials and cadres.

The attendees agreed on the need to ensure the proper training of teachers and adequate supervision, as well as elevating the importance of the Syriac language in private and governmental schools.

The meeting approved a follow-up by the General Directorate of the number of curricula classes scheduled with the Ministry of Education, as well as the establishment of development courses for educational and teaching cadres and the completion of registration of educational lessons for the Syriac language subject in the Iraqi educational channel.