Iraqi MP calls for severing trade relations with Turkey

BAGHDAD — With the increased Turkish encroachments in northern Iraq causing huge material and human losses, and with no effective action being taken by the federal government in Baghdad or the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Member of the Iraqi Parliament Ahmed al-Rubaie called for trade relations with Turkey to be severed.

In a statement to the media, al-Rubaie stressed that the threat to the trade exchange raises the possibility of the Turkish economy falling.

He added that the Turkish bombing in northern Iraq is out of control and there has been no response from Baghdad or Erbil, despite the negative effect on civilians.

Al-Rubaie stressed the need for Iraq to benefit from the common interests and economic exchange between the two countries to control Turkish actions. He added that there are many points of pressure that can be applied to Turkey, but they need to be implemented.

Turkish bombing has expanded significantly, he said, and has begun to reach more areas in northern Iraq, exacerbating the displacement of civilians.