Michel Mallo sheds light on reality of Christians in Lebanon

BEIRUT – In a statement to Suroyo TV, Secretary General of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Michel Mallo said that the political and economic crises that Lebanon suffers from are the worst since the First World War. The Lebanese people now lack the most basic necessities, such as bread, water, fuel, and electricity.

Mallo stated that in the midst of the general miserable situation of the Lebanese, the situation of Christians is considered the worst. Lebanon was a leading country in the Middle East in the fields of education, medicine, and economics, in large part thanks to the country’s Christians, he stated. With the utter destruction of the economy, the Christian presence in the country is now threatened.

Christians continue to emigrate, said Mallo. The 1932 census of Lebanon put the Christian population at roughly 50%. Today, the population is approximately 35%.

The USUP is playing its role to the fullest on the political and social levels, surpassing other Christian parties that are larger and more capable of providing support to the Lebanese Christians, he added. Joining the Sovereign Front for Lebanon that rejects the presence of Iranian-backed Hezbollah in the country is a clear indication of its political goals.

Mallo stressed that the party believes in Lebanon’s sovereignty, freedom, and democracy and is committed to its partnership with other sovereign parties seeking to secure Lebanon’s independence.