Iraqi Army confirms coordination with Syrian Democratic Forces of North and East Syria to protect borders

BAGHDAD — Amid the dangers posed by the Islamic State (ISIS) to the security and stability of Syria and Iraq, the Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced increasing its cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of North and East Syria to pursue ISIS sleeper cells and prevent their infiltration across the border.

In a statement to the Iraqi News Agency, spokesperson for the Joint Operations Command Major General Tahsin al-Khafaji confirmed cooperation with the SDF through the U.S.-led International Coalition on the intelligence level to pursue terrorists and prevent their infiltration.

Al-Khafaji declared that cooperation with the SDF contributed to obstructing the infiltration of the border, adding that the Iraqi security leadership is fully aware of the situation in Al-Hol Camp and that work is continuing to control and secure the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Al-Khafaji pointed out that the Iraqi Army has reinforced the defense lines on the Syrian border by setting up two defensive lines, the first is the border guard command and the second is the Iraqi Army, in addition to concrete barriers and watchtowers.