Iranian Unit 2250 targeted in latest Israeli strikes in Syria

DARAMSUQ — The UK-based Iran International has obtained information about the specific targets of the latest Israeli air strike on Iranian-backed targets in Syria. 

Israel has recently escalated its targeting of Iranian bases in Syria, especially the facilities of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which have seen increased transportation of weapons and military shipments.

Israel carried out airstrikes on Syria’s Damascus International airport and other positions south of the capital late on 16 September targeting what is called Unit 2250, a special Iranian logistics institution run by the IRGC. 

According to Iran International, the raids destroyed the unit’s main office, in addition to ammunition depots and a car park.

In a report, Iran International indicated that the unit is in charge of receiving incoming equipment, weapons, and personnel from Iran as well as supporting the Iran-backed Lebanese Hezbollah forces in the country. It is also tasked with escorting and hosting senior Iranian officials and their families upon arrival in Syria, which are usually carried out in coordination with senior Syrian authorities of the regime. 

According to exclusive information received by Iran International, the unit is under the direction of someone identified only as “Seyyed Reza”, while two other employees of the office are identified as “Abdollah Ebadi” and “Meysam Katbi”. 

According to the report, the Israeli Army could have eliminated the three central figures during the latest attack but possibly preferred sending a message by only attacking the office’s assets.