Israel and France review situation in Lebanon

PARIS — During his meeting with French Chief of Defense Staff General Thierry Burkhard and other senior commanders in the French Army’s General Staff, Israeli Chief of Defense Staff Aviv Kochavi raised the dossier of Iranian support for Hezbollah and the threat posed by the group which has created a military escalation on the Lebanese border with Israel.

Kochavi and his accompanying delegation reviewed the prospect of war in Lebanon and the method of carrying out large-scale strikes, including broad strikes against targets and infrastructure used by Hezbollah.

He pointed out that Hezbollah’s activities have made Lebanon a failed state that serves Iran’s regional interests and that the Israeli Army is working to degrade Iran’s positioning in the Middle East.

“Attempts to harm Israel, on any front, will be met with a harsh response or a proactive initiative,” he added.

In related news, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stated that Iran is trying to “buy” Lebanon by making it dependent on Hezbollah for fuel and repairing Lebanon’s failed electricity grid.

“Lebanon’s dependence in the field of energy on Iran may eventually lead to the establishment of Iranian bases in Lebanon which would destabilize the region,” Gantz added, warning that Lebanese citizens will ultimately pay the price for Iran’s escalations.