TURKEY: Commemoration of Saint Dimet in Zaz, Tur Abdin

TUR ABDIN, Turkey — On Friday, 23 September 2022, a commemoration ceremony was prepared for Saint Dimet in the village of Zaz in the historic Tur Abdin region in southeastern Turkey.  

The celebration was opened by the Syriac Orthodox Archbishop of Tur Abdin Timotheus Samuel Aktaş and Bishop Polyqarpus Augin Aydin from the Netherlands. A delegation from the United Kingdom visiting the monasteries and churches in Tur Abdin traveled with Bishop Aydin.

A large number of priests and more than 500 people attended the event. 

After a prayer in the Mor Dimet Church in the village, those present went to the newly built cemetery where an additional prayer was held for the deceased.

The commemoration of Saint Dimet took place afterwards around the church, where the celebration was prepared accordingly. 

A large number of people from the villages of Tur Abdin, as well as Syriacs from Europe participated in the commemoration. Besides the spiritual speeches of the bishops, there was a common feast. 

The commemoration of Saint Dimet took place in a pleasant atmosphere in the village of Zaz, where the church of the saint was renovated and houses continue to be built.