SDF seizes largest cache of ISIS weapons since discovery of Al-Baghouz cache

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA _ On Wednesday, the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) issued a written statement announcing the seizure of the second largest Islamic State (ISIS) cache of weapons since the group’s territorial defeat in 2019.

The cache was discovered in the village of Qayrawan in the southern countryside of Tel Hamis, near Zalin (Qamishli) during a security operation conducted by the SDF and Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria.

According to the statement: 

“Based on precise intelligence and the confessions of several terrorists arrested earlier in the al-Hol camp during the recent operations, our forces were able to locate and track those weapons where the terrorist cells were using a farm as a cache to collect and store weapons.

Our forces started investigations to reveal the supply lines, the route of smuggling, and the members of facilitators.”

The SDF stated that, according to its initial investigations and intelligence information, an ISIS cell was planning to use the weapons in a potential attack on Al-Hol Refugee Camp in parallel with the January 2022 attack on Al-Sina’a Prison. After the attack on the prison failed, ISIS decided not to attack Al-Hol.