Syriac Women’s Union condemns killing of young Kurdish Iranian women Zhina “Mahsa” Amini

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Syriac Women’s Union (SWU) in Syria condemned the killing of the 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman Zhina “Mahsa” Amini by the so-called “morality police” in Iran for not wearing her headscarf in the required form.

“Women have suffered throughout history from slavery, tyranny, and authoritarianism as a result of patriarchal mentality. Women have, and continue to, struggle, resist, and defend their rights around the world,” the SWU stated. “Women in North and East Syria became an example of freedom after they ensured that the freedom of peoples can only be achieved with the freedom of women.”

The SWU strongly condemned the killing of Amini, who died in hospital after being beaten by the “morality police” who enforce an oppressive patriarchal ideology.

The statement added that the issue of the oppression of women is broader than the terrible situation in Iran. Amini’s murder is related to the extremist mentality of the Islamic State (ISIS), Al-Nusra, and other extremist views towards women.

“We have been witnessing complacency regarding the oppression of women. Our role should not only be limited to comforting the bereaved women and then leaving them vulnerable to violence. Rather, we should work to expose such crimes that amount to war crimes against women,” read the statement.

The SWU stressed that its motto should always be, “No to Violence, Killing, and Inhumane Practices against Women.”