Iraqi Parliament rejects speakers resignation as demonstrators clash with police in Tahrir Square

BAGHDAD, Iraq — On Wednesday, after security forces reopened the road that passes through Tahrir Square and Jumhuriya Bridge following the withdrawal of most demonstrators four rockets fired from east Baghdad fell near the Green Zone, causing material damage and several injuries.

The attack came after a tumultuous day in the capital. Tight security measures were imposed and the widespread deployment of police coinciding with the reopening of parliament following a two month suspension of activity due to the political impasse and ensuing protests and clashes.

During the session, 222 deputies rejected the resignation of Parliamentary Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi, with only 13 deputies voting to approve it. The Coordination Framework candidate, Representative Mohsen al-Mandalawi, was elected as First Deputy Speaker with 203 votes.

Intense security measures did not prevent hundreds of supporters of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr from gathering in Tahrir Square to denounce the holding of the session without political consensus. Confrontations with riot police resulted in the injury of 133 people from both sides.