Syriac woman from Hemto, Syria, died in “boat of death” accident

HEMTO, Syria — A Syriac woman, Christine Hanna Salibi, was one of the dozens of victims of the “boat of death” accident which saw a Lebanese boat sink off the Syrian coast near Tartus last week, according to Wadi Alnasara News.

Her child daughter is reportedly still missing.

Salibi came from the town of Kafarbo, Syria, in the Hemto (Hama) countryside.

Media outlets reported that the number of victims of the drowned boat now exceeds 100. This figure doesn’t include those whose bodies have not yet been found.

Last Tuesday, a boat that set off from the Lebanese coast towards Europe but sank off the coast of the Syrian port of Tartus.

According to survivors’ stories, it was carrying between 120 to 150 Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian nationals.