Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria comment on teachers sit-in in Zalin

ZALIN, Syria — On Wednesday, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria issued a statement on the recent sit-in organized by some teachers, students, and their families in Zalin (Qamishli) following the decision the Education Authority to close unlicensed private schools and institutes.

According to the ISF statement, some professors working in schools affiliated with the Syrian regime and a number of students and their families staged a sit-in in front of one of the buildings without notifying authorities or obtaining a license to organize their sit-in.

The statement added that the security forces were present at the place of the sit-in to secure it, despite the protesters not obtaining a permit, adding that verbal altercations and quarrels took place between those participating in the sit-in and a number of young people who rejected it.

The statement clarified that security forces intervened to end the quarrels between the two parties and dispersed them immediately to prevent the situation from deteriorating and to ensure public safety.

The statement refuted the accusations circulating in the region regarding the incident, including that security forces attacked, pursued, and arrested the sit-in participants.