Syrian Democratic Forces Spokesperson Aram Hanna: ISIS escalates its activities after end of security operation in Al-Hol Camp

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — Official spokesperson of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Aram Hanna stated that there has been a recent escalation of Islamic State (ISIS) activities and plans in all regions of North and East Syria after the completion of Operation Humanity and Security in Al-Hol Refugee Camp.

Operation Humanity and Security was a three-week-long security campaign in Al-Hol Refugee Camp that resulted in the seizure of multiple weapons caches and the discovery of tunnels.

Hanna stated that such plots cannot take place without intelligence and security support from regional and internal forces, “which have become known to everyone”.

Al-Hol Refugee Camp is one of the main targets of ISIS, said Hanna, “[they] plan to carry out attacks on its external surroundings and commit crimes inside its walls, in order to cause chaos and reduce the level of security.”

Hanna drew attention to the fact that the conditions that support “terrorism” persist and if not dealt with, they will lead to catastrophe.

Head of the SDF Media Center Farhad Shami stated that they will continue their security campaigns until the elimination of all ISIS sleeper cells and Turkish intelligence agents in North and East Syria. “The Turkish occupation state is trying to amplify the size of its intelligence and protect ISIS mercenaries from our forces and the international coalition forces, so it began to ’arrest them’,” said Shami.

Shami stated that the Turkish government has tried to confuse and distract the SDF from its fight against ISIS through artillery and drone attacks. Their ultimate goal is to occupy even more Syrian territory and ethnically cleanse the border areas and the Khabur area, he added.