SYRIA: Perpetrator of Tadamon massacre still free

DARAMSUQ — Despite the recent leaked footage about the Tadamon massacre, the killer is still free and working on a military base outside Daramsuq (Damascus).

Yousef is operating from the Kafr Sousa base, where he has been for most of the past six months since the Guardian revealed his role in shooting dead dozens of people across a death pit in Tadamon, a suburb of the Syrian capital in 2013.

In an unpublished video, seen by the Guardian, the killer Amjad Yousef shoots up to six women across a pit as his death quad looks on, and sometimes joins the slaughter. The pit is then set alight and a bulldozer brings ash and debris to fill it in, in what appears to be an attempt to eliminate evidence of the war crime.

Yousef has since been accused by colleagues of directing up to a dozen more mass killings.

A source stated that all massacre sites in Tadamon were no-go zones for local residents and that the final death toll of killings by Branch 227 could be as high as 350.