Swedish police warn about recruitment of teenagers by criminal gangs

SÖDERTÄLJE, Sweden — Police in Södertälje, Sweden, have warned of increased recruitment of teenagers by criminal gangs in the city.

The police department in charge of teenage criminality stated that parents should remain vigilant about what their children are doing because criminal networks are increasingly recruiting teens into their ranks.

Swedish police stated via social media that there are gangs attempting to entice children to commit crimes in exchange for money.

The police added that children and teens may also be threatened or blackmailed to pressure them into committing crimes.

The police added that the youth may be assigned to work as surveillance, drug and weapons transportation, and even using weapons.

Parents were warned that children could be at risk and to not underestimate the ability of criminal gangs to coerce them into breaking the law.

Youths under 20 years of age are at particular risk, said the police.

As crimes continue to occur almost daily in Södertälje, more Syriac (Aramean–Assyrian–Chaldean) have become victims of violence.

Earlier this month, Enkido (Enki) Özmen (40), son of member of Suroyo TV, hawro Denho bar-Mourad Özmen, was murdered.

He was shot in the open street by someone suspected to be a gang member.