Universal Syriac Union Party President Ibrahim Mrad: Our goal is to consolidate our existence and abolish the representation of Christian “dhimmis”

BEIRUT — With aim of uniting the ranks of Christians for an independent Lebanon and ridding the country of the control of Iranian-backed groups, the Christian Front, headed by the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP), held a meeting to present the Front’s goals and invite the Christians of Lebanon to join its ranks.

On Saturday, the Christian Front held a press conference at its headquarters in the Ashrafieh neighborhood of Beirut, during which it discussed its goals and work project in the presence of a number of personalities, heads of Christian political parties and unions, and members of the Lebanese Parliament.

Following the playing of the national anthem and welcoming the attendees, Secretary-General of the Christian Front and head of the USUP Ibrahim Mrad said that the goal of founding the Front is to defend the free and active Christian presence in Lebanon and to consolidate the steadfastness of Christians after they were represented by a group of traitors and “dhimmi” agents in league with Iran and its Lebanese ally, Hezbollah. The Iranian presence in Lebanon, where Iran, the Syrian Baathist regime, and Hezbollah worked to strike at the true Christian representation of the country, is an existential threat to Lebanon and its people, he added.

Mrad stated that the Front aims to unite the ranks of Christians for an independent Lebanon so that they can sit down with their Muslim partners and bring together a new, just system that stops disrupting the state and the interests of the people.

The Front’s goals were then read aloud by journalist and political analyst Tony Bolos, member of the Front’s leadership council. He stated that the Front seeks to emphasize Lebanon’s pluralism, adopt neutrality, renounce the illegal weapons of Hezbollah, implement international resolutions on Lebanon, spread Christian culture, and form groups Inside and outside Lebanon to support the Front’s positions.

The Front also wants the fate of those forcibly disappeared in Syrian prisons to be revealed, for confiscated lands of Christians to be returned, and for efforts to be made to reduce emigration.