United States threatens new sanctions against Iran over Russian weapons shipments, will seek expulsion from Women’s Rights Committee

WASHINGTON D.C. — The US Special Envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, renewed the Biden Administration’s pledge to impose additional sanctions on Iran for supplying drones and technical assistance to Russia that it is using in its invasion of Ukraine.

Iran has recently begun supplying Russia with suicide drones, among other weapons, that the latter is using to target Ukrainian population centers and civilian infrastructure. Russia’s use of Iranian drones has resulted in dozens of civilian deaths.

Tehran cannot hide its practices, said Malley in a press conference. “We will hold it accountable for human rights violations.”

US Vice President Kamala Harris said that Washington, in partnership with other countries, is seeking to expel Iran from the Women’s Rights Committee after its crimes against women markedly increased during the recent demonstrations that have erupted across the country.

Harris accused Iran of, “having demonstrated through its denial of women’s rights and the brutal repression of its people that it is not qualified to serve on this committee.”

Iran’s presence on the committee harms the integrity of its members and its work to advance women’s rights, she added.

The violent repression of the demonstrations has resulted in at least 287 deaths, including among the victims some 46 children, according to human rights organization Hengaw. It estimates over 14,000 protesters have been arrested, including 300 university students.