Universal Syriac Union Party President Ibrahim Mrad presents solution to end Lebanon’s crises

BEIRUT — In an interview with media outlet Transparency regarding the political situation in Lebanon, president of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) and Secretary-General of the Christian Front Ibrahim Mrad stated that President Michel Aoun left Baabda Palace as a leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, not as the President of Lebanon.

He added that Aoun caused total destruction during his rule and handed the country to Iranian-backed Hezbollah, causing an exodus of Christians and the destruction of Lebanon’s economy.

Mrad indicated that he had previously warned about Iran’s aim to weaken the Christian presence in Lebanon.

Mrad commented:

“This is what prompted us to launch the Christian Front. We must re-organize the Christian presence and clean it of traitors, confront Iran, and sit with our sovereign Muslim partners as strong people that have a project and a strategic vision. This is how we can achieve real coexistence through federalism which would enhance positive competition and economic renaissance in Lebanon.”

Regarding the Taif Agreement, Mrad declared that Saudi Arabia wants the best for Lebanon and its people:

“We stand by Saudi Arabia in confronting Iran. However, Saudi Arabia was not able to implement the Taif Agreement fairly. It failed because of its adherence to Lebanon’s centralized system, which has proven a failure over the years.”