Christian Front of Lebanon announces Christians of the East Congress

BEIRUT — The Christian Front of Lebanon announced the date of the Congress of Christians of the East and the themes that will be addressed by the participants, who are coming from the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.

As the pressure Christians of the East continues to mount, the Christian Front of Lebanon announced the Congress with the aim of shedding light on the obstacles that stand in the way of the free Christian presence in the Middle East and ways to overcome them.

The Christian Front announced that it would open its activities in the Padova Hotel in Sin El Fil, Lebanon, in the presence of Christian political parties, organizations, and personalities from Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Europe, and the United States from all sects and ethnicities.

The Christian Front indicated that the work of the congress begins on Saturday, 12 November, at 10:00 Beirut-time.

The Front pointed out that the discussions will revolve around the concerns and demands of the Christians of the East, and the Congress will conclude with the announcement of a final statement and recommendations on Sunday, 13 November.