Situation of displaced in North and East Syria and Iraq discussed by respective governments

SYRIA, IRAQ — Co-Chair of the Office of Displaced Persons and Refugees in North and East Syria Sheikhmus Ahmed warned of the negative consequences of the decline and lack of relief support provided to Al-Hol Refugee Camp which degrades the security conditions inside the camp, and appealed to the international community and all relevant actors to expedite the provision of the necessary support for camp.

Ahmed explained that the status of relief organizations in Al-Hol Camp is unstable due to the poor relief supply and the continued closure of the border crossings, especially Al-Yarubiyah Crossing with Iraq. The inability to adequately resource support efforts for the camp increases the likelihood of security disturbances in the camp.

Iraqi Minister of Migration and Displacement Ivan Faeq Jabro held a meeting with United Nations organizations working in Iraq. The meeting was also attended by members of Parliament and an advisor to the Prime Minister.

During the meeting, the attendees discussed the conditions of the displaced in camps that have not yet been closed to determine their needs. The conditions of the returnees to their areas of origin and the need to involve them in income-generating projects and programs to improve their living conditions was also discussed.

Jabro appreciated the role played by international organizations working in Iraq in assisting the government adequately care for the displaced. He stressed that the Ministry of Immigration has a new vision that does not intersect with the work of the organizations, but will work directly with the central government in coordination with special advisors in the Council of Ministers