Sovereign Front for Lebanon issues statement condemning armed attack on MTV

BEIRUT — After Lebanese media outlet MTV was attacked by an armed group, the Sovereign Front for Lebanon issued a statement condemning the incident, which it says was aimed at insulting freedom of expression and threatening civil peace. It called on the judiciary to hold the perpetrators accountable.

The General Secretariat of the Sovereign Front for Lebanon indicated that the party who conducted the attack was participating in the station’s “Time has Passed” segment. During the segment,  armed groups affiliated with the participants waited inside the hall and began their assault after being given a signal.

The Sovereign Front stated that this attack indicates the extent of the hatred for impartial and professional media institutions in Lebanon.

The statement noted that the Lebanese Army and the internal security forces dealt firmly with this incident but the Front called for the judiciary to prosecute the perpetrators and hold them accountable to serve as an example to anyone who thinks they can get away with threatening civil peace or attacking freedom of expression.