Syrian Democratic Council Executive Committee concludes regular meeting, announces outputs

HASAKAH, Syria — On Monday, the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) held its regular meeting in Hasakah, North and East Syria, and produced a number of outputs, the most prominent of which was the beginning of preparations for the General Conference of the SDC and the Conference of Democratic Forces and Personalities.

In its meeting, the Executive Committee discussed the overall international and regional political situation and its repercussions for Syria, stressing that dialogue is the best way to resolve all international and local issues.

The attendees argued that the Syrian–Syrian dialogue must be activated and projects that aim to gather the voices of Syrians should be supported.

The meeting also evaluated the prospects for a political solution to the Syrian crisis. Most of the current tracks in the Syrian file are on the verge of failure as a result of the intransigence of the Syrian regime and the opposition, as well as the absence of serious international will to lead, determined the Committee. 

The Executive Committee called for the adoption of national constructive approaches from the Syrian–Syrian dialogues. It also discussed the economic challenges posed by global inflation, in addition to the continuing security threat posed by extremists and Turkey.

At the end of the meeting, a number of decisions were reached, including support for the Stockholm process and the organization of a conference of democratic forces and personalities, activating and revitalizing the internal dialogue between the components of North and East Syria, develop diplomacy to serve the cause of the Syrian people, and prepare for the holding of the General Conference of the SDC.