First conference of the Christian Front held in Lebanon

SIN EL FIL, Lebanon — Under the title, “Christians of the East between Extinction and Role Restoration,” the Christian Front of Lebanon held its first conference today, at the Padova Hotel, in Sin El Fil.

The conference was attended by political parties, organizations and academics of all denominations and ethnic groups in Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Europe and the U.S.

At the beginning, the presenter Rania Zahra Charbel welcomed the attendees, then member of the Christian Front Presidency Council Dr. Imad Chamoun delivered a speech in which he declared that this conference takes place in response to the call of the Christian Front in Lebanon.

“What threatens our national and Christian existence has exacerbated,” the Front warned.

President of the Universal Syriac Union Party Ibrahim Mrad

Chamoun mentioned the demands that the Christian Front seeks, and affirmed the Front’s supports for federalism.

He stated that the Christian Front in Lebanon was established to be a platform for raising the voice and preserving the rights amid the injustice, proposing projects and achieving them, and standing in the face of every potential attack.

“The Christian Front will not only stay in Lebanon or the East, but will move forward to become a World Christian Front,” Chamoun concluded.