Bells again ring at Chaldean church in Mosul, Iraq, for first time since ISIS occupation

MOSUL, Iraq — On Sunday morning, 13 November, the bell of the Chaldean Church of St. Paul rang for the first time after years of remaining silent following the Islamic State (ISIS) taking control of Mosul in 2014 and displacing its residents.

Christians from across Nineveh Plains in Iraq came to the church to participate in the bell-ringing ceremony and Divine Liturgy.

The bell was returned to the church with the help of Muslims and Christians of Nineveh Governorate, an act which reflects the renewed determination for peaceful coexistence between religions.

“We hope that all the original residents will return to their homes and experience safety and stability and they thrive in the bosom of their city,” Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul and Akra Najeeb Michaeel told ACI Mena, Catholic News Agency’s Arabic-language news partner.

The church was reopened in 2019 after suffering damage during ISIS’s control of Mosul from 2014 to 2017.