People of Tel Tamr will not rely on American or Russian forces to resist Turkish occupation

TEL TAMR, Syria — The people of Tel Tamr denounced the continuous attacks of Turkey and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) on their homes and stressed the need for all components to unite against it.

Tel Tamr, at the heart of the predominantly Syriac-Assyrian Khabur River Valley in Hasakah Canton, has been subjected to repeated, and nearly continuous, attacks by Turkey and its proxies.

In interviews conducted by Hawar News, the people of Tel Tamr condemned the attacks, saying that the intent of the attacks is to force the people of Tel Tamr and the Khabur to leave their lands.

Others stressed the need for all components to unite with each other against the attacks and not solely rely on the Russian or American forces to ensure peace because since their arrival in the region, they have been silent about the attacks of the Turkish occupation.

Some residents said that the military forces and components of the region are continuing their resistance against the Turkish occupation rather than see their homes come under occupation to achieve Turkey’s colonial ambitions.

At the same time, they denounced the position of the Syrian regime regarding these attacks. Despite the presence of elements of the Syrian Army, which are also targeted by the Turkish occupation, they have done next to nothing to prevent them.

In the face of the almost daily targeting of Tel Tamr and the surrounding countryside, the residents of the town stressed that they will remain steadfast and will not leave their land. They will continue to support their military forces and combat Turkey and the SNA.