Christians of the East Congress widely covered by media in Lebanon

BEIRUT — Several media outlets and journalists from across Lebanon covered the Christians of the East Congress organized by the Christian Front of Lebanon held on 12-13 November and its outcomes.

Journalist Lina Wahab stated that the congress was attended by delegations from Christian parties, personalities, events and institutions, from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Armenia, the US and several European countries.

It concluded with the issuing of several recommendations about the Christian situation in Syriac, Iraq, and Lebanon.

Media outlets Drone News, Lebanon Files, Al-Marsad Online, Cedar News, and Al Markazia reported on the conference.

Concerning the conference, Lebanese Forces and IM Lebanon stated that, “The Christian Front stressed the need for countries of the East to respect the pluralistic cultural and religious structure that characterizes their societies and the need to preserve coexistence and solidarity among the people of the same nation. In this way, we can achieve justice and equality in rights and duties so that no ethnic group feels that it is a second-class citizen, that is contrary to human nature that is eager for freedom, and contrary to the logic that all human beings are free, and contrary to human rights.