Christian Front of Lebanon holds weekly meeting

BEIRUT — During its weekly meeting at its headquarters in Ashrafieh, Lebanon, the Christian Front discussed a number of issues related to the current situation in Lebanon, recalling the assassination of Pierre Amine Gemayel, and declared its support for the positions of Syriac Maroniate Patriarch al-Rai who has called for an international congress to save the country.

During the meeting, the Front marked the 16th anniversary of the martyrdom of Pierre Amine Gemayel, who was assassinated in an act of political terrorism. The assassination of Gemayel, a proponent of a Lebanon free from external influence, struck at the heart of the project to build a free state that fosters a pluralistic Lebanon.

The Christian Front indicated that independence has remained incomplete in Lebanon due to the continuous disruptive influence of regional actors, the latest being Iran, largely acting through its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah. There is no sovereignty or independence before liberation, which may be prolonged for many reasons, stated the Christian Front. There is no solution that keeps Lebanon united except the adoption of a federal system, it argued.

The Front announced its full support for the positions of Patriarch al-Rai in his call for the organization of an international congress to extricate Lebanon from the many crises that plague it.