New Chaldean archbishop for Archdiocese of Alqosh in Nineveh Plains, Iraq, inaugurated

ALQOSH, Iraq — On Monday, Chaldean Patriarch Mor Louis Raphael Sako presided over the inauguration ceremony of new Archbishop of Alqosh Thabeth Bulos Habib at the Mor Gorgis Church in Alqosh in Nineveh Plains, Iraq.

The event was attended by Apostolic Nuncio to Iraq Mitja Leskovar, several Chaldean archbishops, religious leaders and clan elders, priests, nuns, monks, and a large crowd of believers, in addition to the Minister of Transport and Communications Ano Abdoka representing the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRI).

The Patriarch delivered a speech in which he thanked Archbishop Michael Makdissi for his long service in the archdiocese and blessed the new archbishop, who will begin his service to the archdiocese of Alqosh.

Patriarch Sako called on the people of Alqosh to cooperate with the new archbishop and director of the district with respect and love, without criticism, divisions, or special interests.