Free Burma Rangers visit ruins of Kobane Hospital, destroyed in Turkish airstrike

KOBANE, Syria — A team from the US Christian multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement Free Burma Rangers (FBR) visited the ruins of the Kobane Hospital, which was destroyed by Turkish airstrikes two days ago.

During a press conference held near the hospital on Mistanour Hill, head of the FBR team David Eubank stated that the hospital was originally being equipped as a children’s hospital but when then converted into a COVID-19 hospital. It was in the process of being re-equipped as a hospital for people with special needs. Eubank added that the hospital was completely destroyed.

“During our visit, we heard the Turkish shelling on the village of Karamog, where a dispensary was bombed by the Turkish forces,” he proclaimed.

Eubank stated that their visit aimed to document the Turkish violations in the region with photos and videos.

He indicated that their visit included documenting the violations around Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah) and sending the documents to members of the US Congress and the US State Department.