Iraqi Council of Ministers troop deployment on Turkish and Iranian borders

IRAQ — On Wednesday, the National Security Council of Iraq decided to deploy troops on its borders with Turkey and Iran in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in a move to stop the attacks from both neighboring countries.

The Iraqi Council of Ministers decided to put in place a defense plan to stop the Turkish and Iranian attacks on Iraqi territory.

At the meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani and in the presence of the members of the Council and the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Peshmerga, the armed forces of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq,, the ministers decided to develop a plan to redeploy Iraqi Border Forces to secure the entire length of the border and ensure adequate logistical support. They also sought to strengthen the human capabilities and secure the necessary funds to accomplish its tasks.

In related news, two Republican members of the House of Representatives called on the administration of US President Joe Biden to respond to the recent Iranian attacks in Iraq and to deter any future attacks.

Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA-14) and Michael Waltz (R-FL-6), in a letter addressed to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary Defense Lloyd Austin, wrote that, “it was a matter of deep concern that these attacks did not meet with a strong response from the United States.”

“We believe that this will only increase the IRGC’s ongoing terrorist campaign throughout the region,” they added. They called on the administration to respond to these Iranian threats to deter future attacks and protect US regional interests.