Member of Presidential Council of SDC US Mission Bassam Ishak: American officials informed us they did not green light Turkish attacks

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Member of the Presidential Council of the Syrian Democratic Council’s (SDC) US Mission in Washington, D.C. Bassam Ishak said that they were informed by American officials that the US did not give a green for the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria. He added that they are holding continuous meetings with high-level officials in the Biden Administration to discuss the current situation in North and East Syria.

Among those who the SDC has met in recent days is Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Near Eastern Affairs Office Ethan Goldrich.

Ishak indicated that officials outside the Biden Administration are warning the latter not to make the same mistake made by former President Donald Trump, indicating that according to the sources, no green light will be given to the Turkish attacks, and there is no possibility for America to abandon its military presence and partnership with the SDF in Syria at the present time.

Since the beginning of the Turkish bombing operation, there has been great criticism from American organizations and politicians of the weak position taken by the Biden Administration, Ishak stated.

Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) stated via Twitter that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been threatening to attack the US’s allies in North and East Syria for months and the current developments should come as no surprise. “Biden Admin should speak out forcefully,” he wrote.

Ishak concluded: “Turkey’s bombing of the village of Al-Makman in the countryside of Dayro Zcuro [Deir ez-Zor], which is 70 km from the Syrian-Turkish border, is a message from Erdogan that everything is open to them.”