Universal Syriac Union Party President Ibrahim Mrad calls on Churches and Christian political parties to unify in political uprising

BEIRUT — The head of the Universal Syriac Union Party (USUP) Ibrahim Mrad called on all Church and political party leaders and all Lebanese Christians to commit to a comprehensive uprising to combat the reality of the marginalization of Christians and the denial of their rights. They need to unify their efforts and demand a federal system to rid the country of centralization and its consequences, he said.

Mrad added that manipulating the rights and positions of Christians in Lebanon and reducing their presence, especially with regard to the position of the presidency of the republic, cannot be tolerated.

Mrad attributed the current plight of Christians in Lebanon to their continuous manipulation by external actors which has been going on for many years, the goal of which is to weaken and marginalize them, depriving them of their remaining positions and control over their communities.

The Iranian occupation, represented by Hezbollah, has controlled and manipulated the fate and rights of Christians, disrupted state institutions, and consolidated power to the detriment of Lebanon and the continued presence of Christians in their homeland, he said.

Mrad called on all Church and political leaders and all Lebanese Christians to come together to secure their rights and advocate for a federal system of government, which he considers a major source of salvation for Christians and their continued presence in Lebanon.