Syriac Military Council announces martyrdom of fighter

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — On Thursday, the General Command of the Syriac Military Council (Mawtbo Fulḥoyo Suryoyo, MFS) announced the martyrdom of fighter Mîlad Munîr Mîro-Qumo, who was martyred while fulfilling his duty.

“Reaching victory will only be possible through the sacrifice of the strong who have made a covenant and fulfilled it,” read the MFS statement announcing Martyr Qumo’s martyrdom.

With sacrifices like that made by Martyr Qumo, dignified life will continue, said the MFS in its statement. Through sacrifice and working on the basis of the brotherhood of peoples and coexistence through the right of legitimate defense, people will be liberated from all unjust regimes and aggressions, it continued.

”We praise the resistance of our people through its youth, men and women, and on this basis, we were and still are presenting martyr after martyr.”

The statement added, ”Today, our forces present another martyr on the altar of freedom, Mîlad Munîr Mîro-Qumo, who was a highly disciplined person well-versed in his work, with a good personality, and love for his comrades.”

Martyr Qumo joined the ranks of the MFS in Hasakah and through his presence as part of his military duty at one of the military points, he was awarded the Medal of Martyrdom.