Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union criticizes the policy of monopolizing power in Kurdistan Region of Iraq during joint political meeting organized by Pavel Talabani

DOKAN, Iraq — On Thursday, 22 political parties, including the Beth Nahrin Patriotic Union (Huyodo Bethnahrin Athroyom, HBA), from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) met with the President of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Pavel Talabani in Dokan, to discuss the conditions in the region.

Head of the HBA Youssef Yaqoub Matti discussed with Talabani the living conditions of the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people and the persecution and marginalization they suffer from in the political process, criticizing the method by which the two leading parties, the PUK and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) govern the region.

Matti clarified the HBA’s political vision and its aspirations for a new mechanism to be developed by the PUK and KDP to involve all parties in the region in the political process.

Matti focused on the importance of true democracy and the need for the Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people to be treated as a real partner and not a symbolic participant. The Chaldean–Syriac–Assyrian people have sacrificed through the blood of martyrs for the safety and security of the region and should have their voices heard in earnest, he added.

Matti noted the dangers faced by the peoples of the region, particularly by the attacks of Turkey and Iran, and the reduction of wealth.

The 22 political parties which participated in the meeting agreed to form a supreme committee to help manage the affairs of the region, whose name would be determined later during another meeting.